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We welcome you to join us at Christ Episcopal Church or St. Barnabas Chapel for worship and to learn more  about our mission, our history, and our sacred space.

A Brief History


Christ Episcopal Church in Clarksburg, the oldest religious facility in Harrison County to continuously host the same denomination, is a recognized landmark in West Virginia.



As one of the oldest churches in the area, Christ Church was responsible for the founding of other Episcopal churches in this area.  Among these churches were St. Thomas in Northview, All Saints Mission in Clarksburg, and St. Barnabas in Bridgeport.

In 1967 land was purchased in Bridgeport to establish an Episcopal Church in that community.  Ground was broken in June of 1968, and the first service was held at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in January of 1969.  St. Barnabas achieved full parish status in 1983.


In 1999 St. Barnabas merged with Christ Church and became St. Barnabas Chapel.   The congregations from both churches began to operate as one church, under one vestry, with one priest and office staff, but with two worship sites.

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